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International industry conference on the profitable use of bioplastics

7-8 May 2013, Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, FL

Organized by Applied Market Information LLC (AMI)

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The third AMI international conference on Bioplastics Compounding and Processing took place on May 7-8, 2013 at the Hilton Miami Downtown in the lovely city of Miami, Florida.

This conference focused on strategies for maximizing the value proposition offered by bio-based plastics in applications ranging from disposable packaging through to durable electronics and automotive parts. It took a detailed look at additive and colorant selection, compounding and processing issues, paying key attention to ensuring biodegradability, compostability and renewablility is not compromised. This year’s event also looked at how bioplastics suppliers and users can get involved in USDA’s Bio-Preferred program and explored the next generation of polymers from bio-feedstocks.

Bioplastics Compounding and Processing 2013 offered a lively interaction between an international panel of speakers and delegates, which stimulated debate in all sectors.

For further information on this conference please contact Stephanie Berchem, Conference Coordinator at or call +1 610 478 0800.
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